Sometimes the idea of success might seem like such a distant and fleeting thing. It almost appears to always be out of reach, especially in the modern world with the cost of everything just going up and up. Maybe in times like this it’s better to just keep our heads down and pretend we’ll be OK someday, right?

Wrong! There is no better time than the present for you to be more aware of your surrounds and the world at large. The information age has brought to us such a wealth of information readily accessible at our finger tips that we’re practically setup for success. Not only do we have the largest archive of knowledge assembled but give people credit, we’re smarter than we look!

Too many people like to stick to their own lives and bury our hands in the sand because “they don’t care about anything” or “it’s just easier to avoid other people”. Problem with this kind of thinking is that it breeds ignorance and if there’s one thing you need to know right now is that ignorance breeds failure.

How do we combat ignorance and reach those all too seemingly unobtainable heights? The first step on this path is to use what’s given to us daily through what I like to call the three L’s.


Try lifting your head a bit and actually pay attention to the world around you. Everyday we’re surrounded by technology, people, events, and various other things that could serve as a spark of inspiration. Who knows, maybe just by taking a peek around your eyes might accidentally stumble on a peculiar sight that gets your mind racing, and before you know it you’re head will be swelling with ideas.

Take the time to really consider what you’re seeing. Think about the people around you. What do you think they might enjoy or what they need? Put yourself in their shoes, try to imagine what their lives might be like and consider what you’d want if you were them.

They always say a picture a worth a thousand words, well it might be worth more than words if you take the time to study it properly.


People are naturally inquisitive. We have a fundamental drive to learn and expand our knowledge.  It’s not only spurred on my our curious natures but it’s also a fundamental instinct, after all: The more you know the less likely you are to fail.

Strive to learn what you can, where you can, when you can. Sure, focusing on studying material related to your interests and employment are the on the top of the lists, but don’t let that be the only topics. You’ve got a big head, it can store quite a bit.

Open yourself to reading up about things you don’t normally consider. Maybe you’re a tech head, know all the latest happenings and up to date with the newest tech. Read about agriculture or natural occurrences a bit for example. Maybe there’s something you know that can revolutionize both industries few people have thought of. You never know, that’s why you learn!

Try to learn a new skill as well. The process of acquiring a new ability creates new ways of thinking as suddenly a whole new world opens up to you. It does not need to be major either, something small could be good enough to start a side job and earn some money on the side.


Most of the time during your day to day life you’re within earshot of some loud noise or another banging on your eardrums. A majority of the time a simple solution is just to pop in some earphones and disappear into your own head for a while. Don’t be so hasty, you might just be missing a golden opportunity.

Listen in on what’s happening around you, and I don’t mean just hear the noise but to really listen. Consider what you’re hearing, maybe someone is talking about a new gadget that’s not mainstream yet. This could be a great opportunity to do some research and see if you can’t become one of the first few distributors of the product.

Even the radio is a vital source of information at times. People always call to complain about some topic or another. About how they’re unhappy with this or that or that they wish they had something to help them with a particular problem. This is not just a great way to gauge demand but also to brainstorm on ideas for products or services!


You don’t always need to be on edge, paying attention 100% of the time. Sometimes its fine to just do you and dull out the senses, but don’t let that be the norm. Everyday that passes us by holds incredible potential and possibilities that we could have easily picked up if we just paid attention and thought it over a little bit.

Consider the larger picture as well, opportunity isn’t only bread locally. There might be news about events in a different country that might have major or minor effects between them and your own! The world is constantly turning so keep in mind that sometimes you’ve got to look beyond your borders.

Sometimes all it takes is to slow down for a few seconds and really soak up the moment and to look deeper into what you normally see. More often than not the world offers us solutions and chances for us to turn our situation around. So keep your head up, and eyes and ears wide open because success might very well be just an arm’s reach away.


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