For as long as any of us can remember, people have always been split into two groups: Winners and losers. We can’t help it, really. We’re conditioned to think that way from the start. School sports, video games, TV shows, you name it and there’s probably someone on the top of that pile and someone on the bottom.

Living in a world where you’re only constantly exposed to a win/lose mentality, chances are you’re going to develop a tendency where you always feel like you’re competing with everyone around you. Each person’s competition is their own, but ultimately if they feel like they’re not number 1 in it then their obviously not winning.

Some people suffer a loss and get back on their feet, but what happens when you suffer consecutive losses? Chances are, that person is going to feel like a loser. For whatever reason they just aren’t as “together” as those around them. Somehow they just can’t manage to beat their problems. One loss mounts on the other, your confidence fades and eventually you fall into a downwards spiral.

Consider this: Since you were born, have you ever noticed a giant scoreboard comparing your ranking with that of everyone else in the World’s? No? Well that’s because life isn’t a competition meant to be beaten, it’s an experience meant to be appreciated. We’re all running the same race, just at our own pace so who cares whether you’re a bit slower at it than the rest? Eventually we’re all going to end up at the finishing line anyways.

So how do you become a winner then? That’s easy, it’s when you decide to be one. Stop competing with the people around you, stop trying to best them at everything because you can’t. You have your sets of strengths and they have theirs, that’s not weakness that’s individuality!

The only person in existence that you should be competing with is yourself. You are the person in charge of making the decisions that impact your life. You’re the person who gets to decide if you have limitations or if the sky is the limit. You and only you can put yourself on the spot and say “I am fulfilling my potential”. And as long as you’re challenging yourself, improving, learning, growing, sharing then you’ve done it. You’ve become a winner.

And if you still don’t feel that way then do this. Forget about all your problems for a minute. Think about all the times you did something small like wash the dishes or clean the windows. Take your dog for a walk or take out the trash. A quick and easy and then think ask yourself “What did I just do?” A chore? No my friend, that’s what we call winning.

Victories come in all shapes and sizes but we tend to only focus on the big ones. We let the little wins of our daily lives slip us by while we focus obsessively on even the tiniest blunders. Stop that and start paying attention to all the things you’ve done right, no matter how small and insignificant they might seem. Grab and hold on to them because slowly they’ll start to mount up.

As your list of victories grow, so will your confidence and you’ll start  to feel comfortable enough to take on bigger tasks as they come along. No need to overwhelm yourself, take it small and easy at first. Build up the courage because as a winner you’re going to gradually make your way into the spot light and you’re gonna need some strengthened nerves of steel for where you’re heading.

So take a deep breath, calm down, the world’s not falling apart no matter how it might feel like to you. Just get yourself the tiniest win and take it from there. I already believe that you’r a winner, the only question is: do you?


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