Reality. Funny word, isn’t it? Such a small thing but with a gigantic meaning. It’s one we all know but don’t really understand in practice, and yet it’s something that can bog down even the best of us at times.

Sometimes things don’t go our way. We have an argument with somebody or our car gets a slight dent, your take away orders gets mixed up and you only notice it when you get home. Stuff like that can put a real damper in our day and if we’re down and trodden we start to feel like the worlds out to get us and feel a lot less motivated to do things.

On the flip side, good things happen at times that lift our spirits right back up there to hang out with the clouds. A random compliment from a passerby on the streets, finding a penny, or looking at your account balance and realizing that you can afford your favorite cup of coffee. One good thing and suddenly you feel you’re on top of the world.

All these events are part of life, part of the physical reality that surrounds each and everyone of us and binds us together. We can try to control it as much as we want but in truth we can’t control everything. We can only control parts of it and the fact that there are forces beyond our control is perfectly natural, no matter how much we like to think otherwise.

There is something that you can always control, no matter what life throws at you. That’s your reaction to what happens around and to you. Think of it like this: when life gives you lemons, do you:

  1. Make a lemonade stand?
  2. Ignore them and carry on?
  3. Cry because lemons taste yukky and you don’t want to eat them?

No matter what happens, you always have a choice on how to react to the events in your life. This is what I like to call one’s personal reality and perhaps the most powerful one of all. Each person interprets the world around them uniquely, the fact that we each have different opinions about things is proof of this. It drives us, comforts us, guides us, and for some unfortunate souls it can even crush us.

Some of us nurture a healthy reality, others succumb to somber and sad realities. Why is this important? Because in a strange way, the world around us has a way of reflecting our way of thinking. If we harbor a negative reality then we’ll only ever find the flaws is everything we see. And if we only focus on the negative things, it will only strengthen that negative mindset.

What people tend to forget though is that this point of view is entirely up to them. Perhaps it’s not the world that’s the problem, it’s just their way of interpreting it. Maybe they choose to believe it’s a sad place because of a few bad experiences and since they believe it, it’s what they’ll find.

Life is going to give you ups and downs, this is the one constant in the universe, but we have the power to decide on how we are going to let those moments define us. Instead of feeling like we’ve lost when we’ve hit a low, we should step back and understand how we got here. Instead of counting it as a loss, see it as a learning experience. Gather yourself and don’t let this moment break you, but strengthen you.

If you want to be successful in life then you need to address your personal reality first. Think long and hard about whether or not you possess a healthy mindset. Create a world for yourself in which you see opportunities and solutions, not problems and obstacles. if you learn to believe that you’re part of a world that you enjoy, then you’ll be surprised at just how easy you find yourself making strides and how color find its way back into your life.

One thing that you should always remember is that even though the World is not in your hands, your own world is. Make sure you take care of it how you would want the world to take care of you and see it start to reflect in everything you survey.

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