We’ve all heard that old saying of  “Every journey starts with a single step”. Sounds a bit cheesy, right? Well, like it or not there is some truth to its message.

Everything in life has a beginning, be it a simple project, recipe, stars, and even that last minute essay you frantically typed up the night before it’s due. There’s always a start. That’s what makes it so important.

Without taking that initial leap you can’t make progress, and without progress you can’t gain experience, and without experience you’ll never grow. That’s why it’s important to not only look to your horizons, but to move towards them.

Sounds easy, right? All you simply have to do is do something, ANYTHING, no matter how small to get the ball rolling. But why don’t people do that? What holds us back? Everyone has their own reasons. The biggest one of them all, and this applies to me, is fear.

The unknown is as exciting as it is terrifying and it walks hand in hand with any journey. Sure, you might know where you’re going but you have no idea what’s between point A and point B. And that’s what gets us, fear of not knowing what’s waiting out there for us. Eventually that fear turns into doubt and before you know it, you’ve taken one step back and ended up exactly where you were thinking “better to stick with what I know”

Comfort and familiarity, that’s our downfall but each are topics for another day. Rather, let me ask you this. Are you scared to go to work in the morning? No, right? That’s because you’re used to it. You know the route, you know the signs, you might even know the people on your stops there. What you’ve forgotten is that you did not always know that route. When you just started out, you had to learn how to get to work for the first time and had no idea what to expect. The same with your actual job, you probably had no idea what you were doing on day one.

If you haven’t figured it out yet then let me congratulate you because you conquered the unknown on those occasions. In fact, you’ve been beating the mysteries out of life without even knowing it one at a time. You, without paying it a single thought, have taken so many first steps and had so many starts in life and you’re still here today. If that doesn’t give you some idea as to the potential you hold, I don’t know what will.

So stop overthinking! Stop over analyzing every little detail as if there’s going to be a pop quiz at the end of your day about all the problems you can find in a subject. You’ve done this dozens of times! Learn to look at the possibilities, the potential in your ideas and dare yourself to think “why not?”

Sure you might stumble and occasionally fall along the way but that’s how life works. Just like a toddler, you’ve got to take baby steps to learn how to walk.

The only way you’ll ever know what you’re truly capable of is if you take that tiny first step forward…


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