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Facing Failure.

If there’s anything that each and every human being on this planet can relate to, it’s that we have all experienced failure at least once in our lives. Each person experiences failure differently. Some of us get mad, others get salty and most of us look up some crisp and fresh memes to laugh it away which is my preferred […]

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How to be a Winner!

For as long as any of us can remember, people have always been split into two groups: Winners and losers. We can’t help it, really. We’re conditioned to think that way from the start. School sports, video games, TV shows, you name it and there’s probably someone on the top of that pile and someone on the bottom. Living in […]

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Your personal reality.

Reality. Funny word, isn’t it? Such a small thing but with a gigantic meaning. It’s one we all know but don’t really understand in practice, and yet it’s something that can bog down even the best of us at times. Sometimes things don’t go our way. We have an argument with somebody or our car gets a slight dent, your […]

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What it’s all about.

Some of you souls that wander into this sight probably have no idea what’s going on here. What’s the goal? Is there a plan? What content can be expected here? Well I’m going to use this post to explain a bit. For quick rundown, you can look at the About page to answer the most basic questions as to who I am […]

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The Most Important Step: Starting.

We’ve all heard that old saying of  “Every journey starts with a single step”. Sounds a bit cheesy, right? Well, like it or not there is some truth to its message. Everything in life has a beginning, be it a simple project, recipe, stars, and even that last minute essay you frantically typed up the night before it’s due. There’s […]